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Association aide humanitaire, coopération, solidarité internationale: environnement, santé, agriculture, artisanat, pêche, éducation, musique, sport
Makalioka - Madagascar-France - Coopération, solidarité, culture
Co-operation, Solidarity, Education Association
Madagascar-France NGO
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horloge parlante

Welcome on Makalioka association website, which connects Madagascar to France and, more precisely, Vatomandry (our base on the east coast in Madagascar) to Marseille (our agency in the south of France)

Makalioka is a non governmental organization (NGO) of humanitarian aid, co-operation and international solidarity which leads in Madagascar actions and missions whose object is to encourage a sustainable and autonomous development, supporting local initiative projects.

That's why it operates in many projects for local development in the fields of health, education, training, agriculture, fishing, handcraft, music or sport.

The "makalioka" is a variety of rice, which is the staple food for Malagasy.
Rice is also a symbol of gathering, that to which we invite you around these actions.

On this website, we wish to make you discover them and will propose to you to provide your support (donations, equipments, abilities, ...), while initiating you with treasuries of a remarkable island and nation.

Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world (with an area equal to France + Benelux) and is located in the Indian Ocean, at the east of Africa from which it is seperated by the Mozambique channel. Its capital city is Antananarivo (Tananarive), in the center of the country.

Makalioka (Association loi 1901) - c/o F. Alfred - 35, avenue des Borromées Bt. Q - 13012 Marseille - France
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